Would $1.83 Make Your Day?

Driving my son home from tae kwon do, I obliged him a rare visit to McDonald’s.

Earlier he had had a meltdown about going to class – sigh – however, I handled it much more calmly than in recent past and it seems that may have helped him turn things around. I was impressed.

He went from sullen I’ll-do-this-but-you-can’t-make-me-do-it-well-or-care-about-it to some one-on-one at one side of the dojo with the newest Korean teacher who had him eating out of her hand. His limbs were long, striking poses, engaged with conviction. He was – wha-what? – smiling. Smiling at her, with teeth. I know that smile. He was pleased that she was pleased. She was high-fiving him, then asking him to repeat, which he did with gusto.

Did I mention he’s a sucker for brunettes? It helps I’m just saying.

So, great recovery = celebratory McD’s visit. I saw a long line of cars, checked the hour. It read 12:27 pm. Awesome! I’d be able to buy the person’s lunch behind me. Maybe two! (It’s the rare double-order-lane McD’s). Apparently I was the caboose of the lunch rush however, because it was a ghost town by the time I ordered one happy meal. Just as I finished paying a lone, red, unknown model car pulled up behind me. Yippee! I handed back my card and instructed the adorable cashier who could barely see over the counter to pay for the vehicle behind me.

As she had done with my order, she handed me the receipt for the order of the stranger. I didn’t look at it until just before pulling away with my son’s “food”.

A coke.

I bought her a $1.83 fountain drink.

Now if it were me, that would have chapped my *ss. I could have gotten a free MEAL. Dang it! And sorry to say, I could also see myself being jaded, jealous and cynical enough to privately berate the luxury vehicle pulling away ahead of me, “Feel better you pompous, cheap skate? Buying a stranger a $1.83 coke? Oh, you must feel so good about yourself!”.

Sorry. If it were me, that’s maybe how it’d go. Unless it was a hot guy driving the luxury mobile. Then I probably would have broken several laws trying to catch up with him, flirt, check his marital status. You know, if I were single.

I don’t in fact feel good about myself. In fact, I know that I can execute acts of love and service, anonymously that don’t cost anything, that are more interesting and creative. I guess I know I can do better if I just re-commit and strategize a bit like I keep saying I’m gonna. So, I’m blogging what I did and hoping something so paltry could be at the least a little smiley-face moment in that person’s day.

There will be no strategizing today. We’re hosting a birthday dinner here in my home for my brother. My sister and her FIVE children will be here. YAY! Crazy, loud house countdown! Love it.

Tomorrow looks good for strategizing, even though kids are home from school (WHEN was the last time they had a full week of school? Sometime in early December?).

Darn it people. Hold me accountable. I’m more creative than a $1.83 coke.

I don’t know if when trying to exercise good will and fellowship, the universe cares about the size or quality of the act.

I only know an opportunity to present itself showed up. And I took it.

There’s a lot of sheepish, fear based rhetoric that goes through my head and my “feelings” center that could keep (and has kept!) me from taking advantage of an opportunity to serve, be kind, spread love and a smile.

This blog shoves all that noise aside and “shh”-es it in light of the need to have something to report.

I needed a motivator to help me get out of my way; more importantly perhaps to help me step up, step in, step out of my own self centeredness and run balls out into the OTHER CENTERed.

Here it is; in all it’s half-assed, imperfection.

I’m a work in progress. So is the blog. With that, I’ll keep coming back.


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