About Give-Give

The “Give-Give” category/page of this blog is where I post cool commerce finds, highlighting the latest collaborations in fashion, beauty, home decor and gifts that are driven by altruism, social and eco-responsibility and purpose.

Looking for a referral for a specific item? You don’t have to troll through all past posts to find a feel good nugget of commerce! All subjects from my posts (and more!) are organized by category at this Pinterest link: https://www.pinterest.com/motheratTOC/

I could’ve called this page The “Win-Win”, but the word “win” felt finite. The word, most often used as a noun, didn’t feel right for the purposes of this page. I heard “win-win” and I heard “singular”, “conquered”, “done”.

Contrary to “win-win”, “Give-Give” is a verb-verb. A verb with legs. There is no finish, no ultimate triumph because someone, somewhere is always in need of service.

Giving (and/or service) can be approached from many angles. I’m a big fan of giving locally, the giving of one’s time, sweat, skills and random acts of kindness in every day life. Yet with the advent of the internet and social media, there is more power than ever attached to consumerism.

Since it is an ongoing challenge to keep my own materialistic desires in check, I wanted to share some ways I’ve discovered that help me balance my love of humanity, animals and environment with my love of looking fierce!

In addition to the special items I highlight, below are links to sites that help one shop and give as well as a search tool to check whether the charity one wishes to give to is legit (i.e. transparent and effective).




Whether you suffer from consistent buyers remorse, prosperity guilt or you’re just a good ol’ fashioned bleeding heart, check them out.

Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave one or send one.

Yours in service,