The Adventures…

…began in 1996 when I was lead to discover a long, well known practice that alleviates, or at least greatly reduces, the kind of human suffering that centers in the mind.

The practice of SERVICE.

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Utilizing this blog, my inspirational burrito, if you will, I hope I’ve found a deliverable way to entertain and inspire. I have wrapped my love of writing, shopping, pop culture, altruism, and by sheer necessity, pursuit of personal growth into one big, fat, accountability tortilla. WARNING: If you eat from it often enough, you may notice some of your demons go quiet.

The PROJECT: This is the adventure of self-imposed, timed challenges. Click here to read about whatever current Project is in session. The first of which, 365 Servings: A Deed a Day Without Anyone Finding Out, is what spurred this entire blog and its anonymity. Then the masochistic ideas just kept rolling in. Apparently I’m starving for personal growth. On that note, stay tuned for upcoming challenges such as the oxymoronic Consumption Fast and A Season of Savvy 2nds, as well as another attempt at The Media Diet. Every project benefits someone else in some way. Yes, even as divine law would have it, me.

The PEOPLE: This is the adventure of seeking out and chronicling humans advocating for OTHERS. From Lauren Bush and her Feed project to Father Greg and his Homeboy Ministries; from a company like TOM’s shoes to a child’s gesture, read here about OTHERs doing good for OTHERs. Learn how the angels among us are using their craft, status, pocket books or simply their hearts and imaginations to lighten up someone else’s load, to empower, to preserve, to comfort, to cure, to protect, to encourage.

Then go dust off your own halo.

The GIVE-GIVE: TOC’s Pinterest site. This is the adventure of curating items for sale that I subjectively think ROCK that are PURPOSE driven.

Click the link below or the Pinterest icon on any of the pages on this site to peruse a variety of altruistic and philanthropic inspired vehicles to satiate your shopping urges (see the inspiring quote board too!).