Stale Poast

(Originally born last week Wednesday, April 9th. Previously titled: “More of Me to Go Around (and downtown, apparently!).

In other words, I believe it is my husband’s belief (read: hope) that now that I’m not watching t.v. regularly (oh, um, I relapsed again last night, more on that in a moment) that I would be available for more sex.

We, in my opinion, already have a very healthy sex life for a married couple in their forties with two children under the age of eight. Three times a week is the average. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I have a healthy drive. But remember, or let me enlighten if I forgot to tell you earlier, my husband works from home. I see him ALOT.

Anyway, we have indeed been more amorous. Heck last week we did it twice in one day. Yum! Can’t remember last time we did that! But I cannot keep with that pace. It is cyclical and this writer, wife, mommy NEEDS autonomous time.

It just so happens last night I was too tired and emotionally wrung out to strive to be so intellectually ambitious with my autonomy. I watched two episodes of The Voice. It stinks without CeeLo and Christina Aguilera. Sorry but Shakira is too nice and not funny or naughty enough and well, same goes for Usher. (Being the chronic relapser that I am, I watched the premiere of the battlegrounds last night after a GNARLEY argument with my “best-friend” I needed something for God’s sake!). Usher’s kind of a dick! Not sexy! And the Adam Levin/Blake Shelton bromance seems more contrived this season, as if they know they have to carry more personality weight as a result of being saddled with two new judges lacking the necessary charisma and chemistry.

I digress.

This blog is gearing up to be of usefulness, of selflessness. I was hoping, and still am, that by reducing the television, my mind and fingers would be more freed up to work in service to humanity.

What it’s looking like at present is a woman mired in triviality.

But please, try to see the forest even though the trees are falling in your face.

At least my ratio of t.v. watching vs. no t.v. has flipped from what it was. I now am watching only once a week whereas before I was NOT watching only once a week. I cannot let up though. Gimme an inch, I’ll take a mile of reality shows in no time. It’s a numbers game. If I keep shooting for NO t.v., I’ll probably go no further than a show a week. If I give myself permission to wear my sweatpants or buy a bigger size, I’ll be three sizes bigger in no time. Feel me?

Been praying more. Just thought I’d say that. It’s going to be a part of this. It’s a neglected part of my life. Espeically meditation. Don’t roll your mouse at me! What if you’re about to miss something really, super, accidentally COOL.

What if me starting this blog was the universe using me as another dorky but safe conduit, a way of reaching out to and lifting up humanity?

I know. But I’m just saying. What if. What if you’re supposed to be the next conduit?

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