The Beyonce of Baking

That’s Jordyn Gaines of JordyCakes. Way the heck down by Indiana, south of Chicago. This pastry chef is freaking NINETEEN. She’s baked for the likes of Common and Chaka Khan.

How would I meet such a talented and ambitious young woman up here in the almost-Wisconsin- suburbs? KICKSTARTER baby.

I’m fried. I didn’t get the inspirational cards out today. It’s almost 1 am. I was NOT going to fail my challenge or my people (crickets + 1). But I really wanted something local. A real story of excitement, creativity, ambition. Someone to root for. Someone who needs help.

After first perusing fashion designers and art, and too tired to listen to new music, I searched by location. And wow.

I was able to donate – ANONYMOUSLY – $100.00 dollars to support the opening of Jordyn’s store. While the fundraisers on KICKSTARTER offer gifts for different levels of giving, in the spirit of my challenge I sacrificed the CUPCAKES I would have received. When paying online you are allowed to decline the gift and I used my pseudonym to sign into KICKSTARTER.

I have to say THAT this has been the most challenging moment thus far in my anonymous good-deeding.

‘Cuz I freakin’ LOVE me an awesome cupcake. Or two. Or twelve.

B3 (Bey-bey of Baking)…you are $100.00 closer to your dream, you pastry chef prodigy you. Go get ’em.

I’ll try to flag down Martha, Gwynneth, and Oprah for you if I run into them. But you’ll probably run into them first.

Good night.


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