GG’s at a Glance

Greater Goods (or Greater Gives) at a Glance for those who want some quick “good deed” ideas without having to troll through all past posts.

  1. Put quarters in expired meters
  2. Supervised a strangers child for short time period
  3. Cleaned up after myself – really, really thoroughly!
  4. Left brand new pair of boys shoes for hotel housekeeping to find
  5. Returned shopping carts (6) from parking lot (in REALLY crappy weather!)
  6. Made a prayer list; sent them light, love, comfort, protection, healing…
  7. Donated time (Sunday school)
  8. Donated dollars online to support: Charity Navigator; an international orphanage, and United Way for Puerto Rico
  9. dropped off prepaid coffee cards at Starbucks for our troops
  10. Donated to an up and coming pastry chef on
  11. Paid for the Starbucks order behind me in drive thru
  12. Purchased a box of coffee and croissants and delivered it to 7 car wash workers on a CRAZY cold, winter day
  13. Printed out Mother Theresa, “Anyway” poem, inserted into 20 books in bullying section of library
  14. Put an anonymous, encouraging card on the windshield of 7 cars
  15. Paid for Subway patrons meal behind me
  16. Brought recycle cans back from curb to garages of 4 homes in my neighborhood
  17. Paid for Starbucks order behind me, in the store
  18. Paid for McDonald’s order behind me