Catch ‘Em Being Good

While the general populace errs on the side of complaining – especially when a business isn’t or didn’t get something right – having worked extensively in the service industry, I know how powerful it can be to take time to report to the powers that be, WHEN THEY DO get it RIGHT.

We had an AWESOME teppan experience the other night. So today I did what I NEVER do. Honestly, I’ve NEVER done what I did just now. I POSTED A REVIEW ON YELP raving about our teppan chef cuz he ROCKS. I called out his name on purpose maybe half a dozen times and in all caps each time. My post was under a pseudonym. But if he ever reads it he’ll remember our motley crue!

Below is the review I took almost an hour to write. WHY? Because I am a social internet ignoramus. I typed my first review (which I am convinced was the better review) and lost it when Yelp required me to sign up before they’d post it. I did this, but lost my completed, fawning of a masterpiece in the process. Thus I had to rewrite the whole opus.

I don’t know if or how this will help SeƱor Bruno. I’m going to have to phone the owner/manager tomorrow and I may have to take this further and send an article to like the OC Register or something…really…BRUNO should be recognized. Go see for yourself. TIP BIG. He’s worth it.



If you have children, make a reservation, ask for BRUNO.

If there was an award for best teppan chef, surely BRUNO would take the gold statue home.

My husband and I use to bring our kids here regularly then 2 years ago we moved to Chicago. Visiting locally recently, we returned as a party of 10: 5 kids (10 yrs old & under), 5 adults, 2 of whom spoke only Spanish.

BRUNO entertained us with his showmanship, his obvious experience and craftsmanship, his smile and easy humor. He is bright and quick witted; undaunted by even the most jaded diner (i.e. child!). He cracked jokes with the kids, seamlessly joking with our Spanish guests, managing to have us all laughing at the same time.

Ichibiri’s food is absolutely satisfactory. Above average – 3-1/2 yelp stars I’d say. But add BRUNO and you get an elevated experience. The food cooked perfectly by a man who’s expertise is so evident and personality so dynamic your subconscious knows it can just relax and enjoy the ride. Despite his obvious experience his routine is light years from tired or stale.

If you have children and you’re teppan veterans you must KNOW the vacant, gray disappointment of a teppan chef who comes out, MAKES NO eye contact, refuses to make ANY kind of a VOLCANO whatsoever, and to top it off over cooks the food that wasn’t really that great of quality to start with. To see the expectation in your kids faces melt away in confusion and occasionally even in tears has angered me to say the least.

If you’re teppan veterans your kids are not impressed with mediocrity either; the well worn routine, with just enough half-perfected tricks thrown out there, meanwhile you try to shield your children from a flying cooking fork or spatula because it’s painfully clear this guy is new.

If you don’t have children, or prefer sushi, I’ve heard their sushi is pretty decent (my husband and I have pretty sophisticated tastes, so we do prefer Bluefin in Newport Coast). But if you really want what we all secretly hope we’ll get but rarely do, when we eat out with our family, which is a memorable experience you recall with warmth and a sunny chuckle, then go see BRUNO.

BRUNO is a PROFESSIONAL. IT SHOWS. THERE IS SO MUCH JOY in his work and finesse. You’ll kids will love him. And I bet you will too.

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