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A Means to an End

Everything I’ve written I’ve meant. I’ll stand behind it all. No, I am not quitting. In my earliest test blogs I wrote that I am not, and it is true, a quitter. I am however, a starter and a stopper and a restarter. Perhaps as I persevere in any commitment to myself I am a ‘very pregnant pauser’? No matter what I call myself or […]

The Other What? (& who-where-when-why-how of it)

In 1996 I discovered for myself a long, well known concept to alleviate, or at least greatly reduce, the kind of human suffering that centers in the mind. With the help of a loving mentor I saw, I cleaned up, I healed, I learned, I served and I LIVED. Somewhere in 2010, as a result of my renaissance-A.D.D.-creative mind, I sought out and worked with […]