No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

… or sometimes it’s just your turn.

Knocked that service out pronto today. Pretty slushy and icy, but not too cold I did a drive-by the grocery store and SCORE! Carts abandoned galore andI have to say arrogantly askew. I understand people not taking the cart back up to some degree because this store for some crazy reason has no cart corrals in the parking lot. But jammed up onto shoveled snow piles, hardly out of the way of traffic?

Okay by me! I grabbed the ones close to the street, literally outside the parking lot, and the ones precariously balanced on piles of snow. I struggled with getting them to collapse. My inexperience drew its own line in the sand at two at a time. I jogged them up and when I went to lift them up the curb my left back seized up and began to spasm. Huh? What the…? I do yoga. HOT yoga. I do cross fit training and conditioning with trainers who know how to train for core and posture. I DON’T PULL muscles and I certainly don’t “throw my back out”!!!


I took a breath. Eased off my intensity a bit. I went back out two more times, for a total retrieval of six carts. I never even went in the store. I did however spy the cart retriever and it was an older person dressed in what looked like a crossing-guard-meets-astronaut-garb. No wonder the cart retrieval got backed up. It had to have taken a village to get that person (sex was unidentifiable) dressed.

Later in the day as I searched for my engagement and wedding rings in the usual places I leave them, to no avail, my stomach grew nauseated.

A distant memory of rising from my seat in the airplane. Hearing a metal ting, looking down and glancing intently but quickly and seeing nothing. Continuing as it was time to deplane but there was much to pack up so we could scurry out of the tube and away from our seats so intimate with the planes restrooms.

That’s what I get for using hand-sanitizer and hand lotion. Twice.

I’ve never been under the impression I was going to be spared life’s bumps or full on-car-wrecking pot holes just because I decided to try to think and do for others more. It never occurred to me. Maybe that’s why I’m not indignant.

Or maybe because I have a lot of experience in this life so far and I have learned that, for me, the good stuff and the tough stuff are traveling on parallel tracks, kinda always happening at or near the same time. Kinda great. Kind of annoying too. To say the least.

Nothing changes the fact for me, through good and bad, my mistakes or others’, doing for others calms me, lifts me, makes me feel better.

We all get a turn at tough stuff and good stuff.

I like to be the facilitator of the latter when I can.

Done with my post early. Gonna cuddle on the sofa with my husband tonight. Who, by the way is not the least bit ruffled by the loss of my rings. Because they’re insured? Because men aren’t as sentimental? No. Because he thought, when I announced, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…” that someone had been injured or died. When he heard it was just my rings, he was relieved.

Like I said, gonna go cuddle with my husband tonight. 🙂



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