The Haves and the Have Nots

I have not done the notecards.

I have not drawn faces on snowy cars.

I had every intention to print out copies of the Mother Theresa poem, Anyway, and slip them inside books found in the library regarding being true to yourself in the face of bullies, naysayers and life challenges.

I have not.

Good news is…they’re doable missions; ready and simple to execute.

Um. Sooo…how come I haven’t done them?

Truth is I was tired today. It was my day to sleep in, per my hubby. But he was slow to fulfill that promise. It’s okay. It’s been a great day. I just get a tad annoyed when he appears to be too self involved. It is a resentful attitude I have to watch. It usually means I’m not doing what I need to do for myself or taking responsibility for my own choices and decisions. And blaming him for the audacity of taking such GREAT care of himself!

To his credit, my husband did pop up for various and rigorous “honey-do”‘s several times with a pleasant attitude whenever I needed, in spite of the fact that it was the AFC and NFC championships. That that fact alone makes him a superior man to many is not lost on me.

Then there’s my foot. (I love my body. My body is a great healer. My body is good to me. I am grateful for its progress. So goes my mantras right before or after I b*tch about my foot).

My workout on Friday at physical therapy (ever push a weighted sled???) and my tread mill walk today aggravated my still healing foot (see my “about” post; still recovering from a shattered calcaneus – that’s your heel – a year and a half ago. I’m talking THIRTEEN pins,  a plate, and the rebuilding of a joint that will never see cartilage again, blah, blah – you get the picture). Still, today (Sunday) with my sister and her five children coming over for a visit, I hustled to get Christmas decorations put away.

Then it was Casa de Chaos. My sister has four daughters ages 7, 6, 3 and 2. And the boy, number five, just turned one year old. Add in my 8 and 5 year old, well, I didn’t sit for about four hours.

And I LOVED it!

I have and amazing sister and we have amazing (and edible!) kids.

But wait! I have more excuses.

My puppy gets neutered tomorrow. My daughter has a canker sore that’s turned black. Thank GOD for Google. I’ve been mostly reassured that such a thing does occur, it is NOT cancer – but I still need to call the doc.

This is where my computer died.

At this point, I just hobbled to bed.

I resumed writing this post at 9:30 a.m. today after feeding four, slap happy kids (two of my nieces stayed the night).

I admit, I have some logistical and organizational challenges.

I have a full and demanding life. And I have a brain and other resources to ensure the consistency and integrity of this challenge, 365 Servings: A Deed a Day without Anyone Finding Out.

I also have passion and commitment to this blog.

I have hope that what I started as a way to be held accountable to write and to get out of self-centeredness and become more OTHER CENTERed, will also be a means to contribute more peace, love and solidarity in the world.

Lofty hope.

Well, I do have that. LOTS of that.




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