The Mosquito in My Tent.

As in an African proverb I saw once that read, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night in a tent with a mosquito.” OR, if you’re me, dared to challenge yourself to go without television for a month!

My husband thinks he’s funny. He corrected me as I was regaling him of my latest failures. MadMen one night, followed by Project Runway, then last night we watched back to back episodes of the new season of Nurse Jackie. All this not including several episodes of Henry Higglemonster, E.T. (family movie night)…you get the picture.

His correction was, “You are not on a t.v. fast. It’s more like a t.v. diet!”. He is right of course and I’ve been full on binge eating. Like swearing off all white, processed foods and sugars, it was bound to be too stringent to achieve. Still I persevere. I’ve got battle rounds of The Voice recorded right now. But here I am writing about not watching them. Seriously. I can go eight days surely? I don’t think I’ve strung together eight days since I embarked on this cockamamie (wow! that word is in auto-correct! awesome!) journey!

Recalibrating. 30 days is over. Kaput. But I have eight days. Let’s see what I can do with them.

(I sooooo want to eat my crunchy peanut butter and an apple and watch The Voice right now!!! Mosquito in my tent! Mosquito in my tent! Errrgh. I hate t.v.)

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