Service No Service Equals

Remember the $30.00 in Starbucks cards I purchased two days ago?

I took them to the Starbucks next to the army base in a neighboring town. After speaking with the manager about perhaps buying random folks coffee, he offered that some regular patrons buy cards to pay for the coffees of the enlisted men and women that come in. YES!!! Perfect! Please, do it! Even better than my idea!!!

Do you know what is so RAD (look, I already warned you about my age inappropriate vocabulary) about that? To discover love and good works is currently at work. I’m just one more little ant working FOR the colony.

But let’s be real and humble. There’s not too many groups that work for, serve and sacrifice for our “colony”, “colonies”, our country more than any one of our precious men and women of the United States Armed Services.

A Starbucks gift card doesn’t really cut it. It’s just a very quiet thank you.

So, Thank you.

And thank YOU and Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now, I will go celebrate my forty-something-ieth birthday.

Happy Birthday me. 🙂

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