Okay, that was harsh. And WRONG to sound so accusatory since I’m the one running this show (a show with crickets as an audience I might add!).

My point is, I’ve come face to face with my obsessive nature jitterbugging hand in hand with my perfectionism. They are keeping me company through out the day, paralyzing my efforts. They keep me busy writing into the wee hours and when I finally finish, my brain is buzzing with technological radiation AND the mental cyclone that is me unable to just detach and let what’s done go.

No, I have to think of what’s not done, what needs work, re-read it again? Fix those things that need fixing on my blog. What am I doing tomorrow? Sh*t! I’m only going to get five hours of sleep, again. Make that four. Dammit!

I had not anticipated (though not entirely surprised by) the reveal of the adjustments needed nor the quantity of self-awarenesses seeping in despite the OTHER CENTERed goal of this blog.

Adjustment #12 (catch you up on the first eleven later; or not!): Remember – online giving IS OKAY! I had to research through Charity Navigator for multiple hours to find solid rated organizations. I did that. Then I gave. Specifically I donated to Charity Navigator themselves. They’re a free service but they do need donations to support their expenses/budget. Then I gave to Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico (part of United Way). I am half Puerto Rican. Yo soy Boriqua de corazon!

Lastly, I signed on for a monthly donation to sponsor a Guatemalan orphan through NPH, Int’l. a.k.a. Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, International.

Todays self-awareness?

Sleep. I am going to go to sleep now.

And I will not obsess or judge myself for the lack of creative giving or the unsexy, unglamorous, witless post I have put forth.

I will just sleep.

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