Stalking Strangers, Snow Graffiti and Word Bonding

Wow. That sounds bad. But it’s not. My husband and I drove through the Starbucks drive-thru and parked between the ordering sign and the window waiting for someone to come up behind us so we could pay for their order.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don’t live near many fast food restaurants. We are also in the middle of receiving an estimated six inches of snow. It’s pretty ghost town-ish out there. A McDonald’s is adjacent to the Starbuck but it was deserted. In this weather people drink hot, creamy, sweet drinks all day long. So Starbucks was our target.

We got the giggles; giddy with a childlike playfulness at what we were doing. When someone finally pulled up behind us, we pulled to the window. The young barista smiled and looked confused.

“Did I miss your order?”

No, we laughed. We just want to pay for the order behind us.

“You don’t want anything?”


To my husband, “Is she making you do this?”.

Yes, my husband nodded.

FOUL! He ASKED if we could do something together today. Rat-bastard-that-I-love-so-much.

We giggle some more. Then the barista shares with us some really interesting information.

“In the morning when it’s busy, when someone does this (WHEN – as in it happens – in PLURAL!) it dominos. The next person pays for the person behind them and so on. It’s pretty cool. Thank you!”

Again, confirmation, affirmation, validation that we are stepping into a river of goodness that is ALREADY at work. This movement needs more minds and bodies to be complicit in proving and increasing the power of love and service.


I googled kindness and found a blog by the same name

Awesome, awesome blog. One of their exercises was various manifestations of smiley faces on snow covered parked cars.

On my agenda for tomorrow 🙂 And open to opportunities as they present themselves.

Dammit. That means, I just realized, that my husband is right. I can’t cancel meeting a lovely acquaintance at a mutual friend’s girlfriend party this evening. She was nervous about going, worried she wouldn’t know anyone, couldn’t stay long but didn’t want to disappoint our friend.

I wrestle with a lot of things. Those are not my things. So I spoke up reassuringly and said, “Let’s meet there. I can’t stay long either.”

She appeared very relieved.

And our mutual friend lives a 1/2 mile from my home. What’s my excuse? The snow?

See how this blog is growing me? I can’t shirk my commitments. And I can’t do an anonymous good deed and then be an a-hole to everyone else around me. Seems hypocritical.  So I’ve been warmer and more patient (remember?).

I am already in opportunity. In fact it’s been all around me, everywhere, all the time.

It’s just now I’m willing to see it and embrace it.

I might actually be growing up.

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  1. Kelly Mobeck says:

    Amen! Oh how I love these blogs!!! Amen!

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