Renewed Verve

verve: noun

2 a : the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance

There’s some strange changes taking place as a result of this blog. I am breathing more deeply, more slowly. I don’t feel like I am in fast forward or my other speed, chasing my tail. I am more patient with traffic, the public, my fellow shoppers, my husband, my kids.

Let me be clear. More. Not that I AM.

I believe this service/deed motivation has had the added effect of grounding me in the moment. Each step and thought feels more thorough.

There’s also been a sh*t storm of self doubt and dis-equiilbrium. My inner critic(s) and task master, their words full of teeth and whips, are¬†gnashing and cracking at the hem of the dress of my wee little Pollyanna-ish endeavor.

How’s that for waxing poetic, huh?

I am without a doubt more here and now and aware.

I am remembering things.

Like today, on my way out the door to Whole Foods, I remember to grab a bunch of reusable shopping bags. I NEVER REMEMBER TO DO THIS. The proof is that in consistently forgetting, I feel guilty at checkout, so yet again, I purchase a few reusable ones to offset the paper ones I will slink out with. I have about thirty now. Really.

Tiny good right? Saved a tree or a branch? Or the pollution involved in making or recycling the paper bags?

I did set up my next service exercise. While walking through WF racking up a criminal grocery bill, I spied a small turnstile with these lovely 3×5, recycled greeting cards. They are earth toned, modern, minimalist art and one liner quotes. I will mail them to random folk. Maybe not so random. Who random? The yellow pages? I’ll figure that out tomorrow. At least I’m teed up.

But that’s not all! (I know you were wrinkling your nose questioning just that. And with TONE I’m sure).

Since I remembered my bags, the cashier offered me a refund for using them or I could donate the refund. I said donate. The money went to the Bright Pink Organization. Viva Healthy Boobies!

I also returned my cart and grabbed another on my way, bringing them both back into the store.

Wherever, whenever, however. Keeping alert for the serendipitous oportunities.

I know what you’re thinking now. Renewed Verve?

Monday and Tuesday of next week whilst the kids are in school I will be plotting and strategizing to execute more definitively my Zorro-like deeds with the greatest of care and efficacy.

And, there will still be days like today.

There’s something awfully cool though about waking up in the morning and asking myself, before lifting my head, or taking out my bite guard or even getting up to pee,

“What am I going to do for someone else today?”

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