Put Your Service Where Your Mouth Is

I’ve spent the last few days freaking out about launching the self-imposed challenge (the idea that spawned this entire blog), 365 Servings: A Deed a Day Without Anyone Finding Out. And not for conclusions one might hop to.

I am not concerned about finding ways for guerilla goodness or about laying out my life or writing talent to the scoffers and haters. What I am is gorging on copious amounts of humble pie the likes of foie gras fodder. Birds are filling the blogosphere air like poetry and I am rendered immobile, glued to the earth, overwhelmed with a belly obese with blogosphere collateral that my mind/body simply cannot process.

Ok, for the PETA visitors I am NOT actually comparing my learning curve to the mistreatment and short life spans of the aforementioned foie (a.k.a. ducks or geese) as being equal in anyway.

a) No one wants my liver.

b) I am choosing to delve into this social and technological riptide.

c) No duck would choose that I’m pretty sure.

What keeps tapping me free and forward, over and over in this narcissistic game of freeze tag is this quote:

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” – G.K. Chesterton.

That’s my disclaimer. Beware motion-sick folk of the learning curves ahead, should you come along for the ride.

It is the evening of January 4th. A cross continental trip out of a Chicago blizzard with two sassy, little buggers (normally the reason for my smiles and the apples of my fruit bowl), a fabulously (albeit unusually) patient and stoic husband, and several vials of Botox later, here I sit, in sunny SoCal for a week.

Who’s the lucky girl?

Who’s still bat-shit if she doesn’t strive to love and serve?

If you make a resolution on New Year’s Eve or on the 1st, and you fail the very next day, what do you do?

My intention was to kick this challenge off four days ago.

However this is not a resolution. It’s a commitment project. A betterment project.  I have defined it as 365 days long but it does not need to begin on the 1st of January. In fact it can begin on any day of the year. It can happen at any time of day. It also can and God willing will continue when 365 days have come and gone.

This is my commitment: strive to be more OTHER CENTERed. to be vigilantly aware of where I can make a difference, and then make it.

I should put forth I have amended the “without anyone finding out” since after plotting and strategizing I concluded that in order to do so exclusively would mean:

a) Repeating deeds I’ve brainstormed and researched more times in the year than I would like

b) Spending more time and money than I am able (hiring “retired”-Rangers-kind-of-giving)

c) Limiting my opportunities where I could be the kindness in “the kindness of strangers “ (that face to face moment with a an unknown fellow where help is needed, offered and received in the space of a graceful, angelic hiccup)

So, I maintain dedication to the anonymous deed.  As I mentioned, I have ideas that will work and more will be revealed I’m sure. However I will ALSO be including the good done for another where the recipient is aware of the service rendered. I will describe those incidences here also, but will repeat them to no one directly lest I receive any recognition or approval (Anne Other is my pseudonym here).

Lastly, while my fellow stranger is my target, I will never ignore the chance to anonymously help someone I know as well.

My adventures will be detailed late in the evening of each day.

All that being said, I think enough has been said.


January 5th. Day 1. Geronimo.









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