Two Feet

That’s how much snow has accumulated on my back patio over the course of the last month.

That’s how much Subway I bought for the two young guys standing behind me today.

Let me say that I was grateful for the opportunity to perform an act of kindness without much physical effort or creativity.

I’m emotionally and mentally frayed. And I’m STILL kicking’ butt and takin’ names.

They were dressed in hardcore Carhartt layers and they were very pale and pretty dirty. Whatever they were doing did not look easy and they were definitely laboring outdoors.

To put their hardwork in perspective and in case you are blissfully existing in a warm and sunny state of ignorance somewhere, it’s OUTER SPACE cold in Chicago right now. School was cancelled today. By 11 am-ish I received the emails that the little buggers will be home with me again tomorrow.

Snow I understand. Rain, sleet, thunderstorms, ice, tornados. But school is cancelled because it’s COLD outside? Okay, OUTER SPACE cold. But still. They’re outside for mere seconds, from the time they exit the car at drop off to the moment they enter the warmth of their glue and Pine Sol scented halls.


These guys behind me, these tough, young, blue collar guys – gentle and well mannered – are WORKING OUTSIDE.

I tried to buy them drinks and cookies too. They wouldn’t accept. Good. Don’t take cookies from strangers.

But sandwiches are okay. Thank goodness for me and my blog.

I did try to buy their sandwiches on the down low, but the sweet Indian man behind the register didn’t understand what I was saying. So after trying to speak in code, quietly, then again, louder, he finally called over his daughter. She didn’t understand what I was saying initially either.

It’s like I was the one struggling with a second language. Truth be told I was mildly irritated and bummed that the guys became aware of what I was doing because of the language barrier.

How loving, tolerant and selfless of me, huh?

But of course the universe immediately humbles me. But in the most gentle, disarming way.

The father-like gentleman now understood and smiled beatifically, nodded and said, “Oh that’s wonderful, yes.”

I wasn’t suppose to receive strokes for what I’m trying to do. I wasn’t trying for it. But I got it anyway. Sigh. I accept. Thank you Universe. At this point I just keep it simple and close the deal as swiftly as possible.

I don’t know the “boys” I bought sandwiches for (yes, God help me I CAN TOO call them “boys” since I most definitely am old enough to be their mother albeit a young mother who didn’t finish college perhaps). I rarely go to Subway and when I do, the one I go to is here in my town, not this one in a neighboring one.

It will have to be anonymous enough.


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